Malai Khaja



Layers: Malai Khaja is characterized by its intricate layers, achieved through a process of rolling and folding the dough. The dough is prepared using a combination of all-purpose flour, ghee (clarified butter), and water. It is then rolled out into thin sheets, and ghee is spread on each layer before folding, resulting in multiple layers that contribute to the pastry’s flakiness.

Filling: The filling of Malai Khaja is what sets it apart. It typically consists of a rich mixture made from khoya (reduced milk solids), sugar, cardamom powder, and sometimes chopped nuts. The khoya adds a creamy and dense texture to the sweet, while cardamom provides a fragrant and aromatic flavor. The addition of nuts, such as chopped almonds or pistachios, enhances the overall crunch and nuttiness.


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